COVID Guidelines for 2021


We will start by saying there is a lot of information out there, at the State and Federal level, and that some of that information may contradict what we say here. We appreciate that, however, our license is granted by the Anne Arundel County Health Department who has different guidelines for different industries. including the swimming pool industry. We are in almost constant contact with our pool management company so that we have the most up-to-date information. When things change, and we're sure they will, we will let you know. For now, the following guidelines are how we would be operating when the pool opens on Friday evening. We appreciate your patience as we work through the many version

  • Members over age 3 will wear masks upon entry and exit of the facility, in the rest rooms, and in the Tiger Cafe. There are exceptions for anyone with a documented medical condition that prevents mask wearing.
  • UPDATE: As of 05.28.2021 there is no requirement for anyone to wear a mask.

  • Guests will be limited to ten (10) per membership in a single visit. Guests must be accompanied by an adult member at all times. Ace Aquatics staff are restricted from handling money – all guest fees must be paid by check. Fees ($8 per guest) are to be paid upon entry. Guests must be registered in MemberSplash upon entry.
  • UPDATE: As of 5.31.2021. While checks are preferred, ACE staff may accept cash for payment of guest fees.

  • The Tiger Café will open this year. There may be no more than three (3) customers inside at any one time. Please observe social distancing (6' between you and the next customer).
  • UPDATE: As of 05.31.2021 the limit of 3 guests has been lifted, however, please be mindful of appropriate social space.

  • Lawn and patio furniture will be available for use; however, chairs will be stacked up around the light poles and must be retrieved and returned by the member using the chair. If you are going to use our chairs, disinfection will be your responsibility. There will be disinfectant spray and paper towels on the Tiger Café and tennis patios for your use. Please do not leave these items lying around; return them so they are available for the next member. As always, DO NOT leave your personal items on the pavilion tables, items left unattended for more than 5 minutes will be removed.

  • The three pavilions will be available and may be reserved at the office. The limit of 10 guests will hold for all parties, please do not ask for exceptions. Cars may not drive up to the pavilions through the lower gate

  • All frequently touched surfaces will be wiped down once a day with an approved disinfectant. This will happen at closing each day.

  • Our pool capacity is 90 swimmers – this allows for distancing in the water. The Tiger Tank, during non-swim team hours, will be for adult use. Children under 18 may use the Tiger Tank for serious lap swimming only. All lap swimming will be one swimmer per lane. The diving well will operate as always – one person on each device at a time.

  • The A-patch clinic has been suspended.

  • The baby/wading pool is open. At any given time, the pool enclosure will be limited to 30 people, 12 of whom may be in the water. Parents must remain inside the enclosure with their children. Parents, please help our young children maintain social distancing. Use of the baby pool is limited to those 6 years of age and under – this will be strictly enforced.

  • Ace Aquatics staff will maintain will wear masks except when in the guard stand. Each guard will have their own rescue tube for the day and they will be disinfected daily.
  • UPDATE: As of 5.28.2021 the ACE staff will no longer have to wear masks, however, they may choose to depending on their comfort level.

  • Membership cards will be checked more vigorously for ALL members; please present your card upon entry. Office staff will also need to confirm your identity in MemberSplash – it’s critical that you upload your family pictures as soon as possible. You will also be checked in and your guests will be registered in MemberSplash.

  • Again this year, we will be unable to support the lost and found operation. Items left behind will be discarded at the end of the day so please make sure you take all personal belongings with you when you leave.

  • As always, enter and participate in all activities at your own risk.

Review and revision of these recommendations will occur as the AA County Health Department and other Regulatory agencies make changes. Keep in mind – there are different requirements for pool environments and some of these may not sync with things you've read elsewhere. Failure of the membership to comply with these guidelines may prompt changes.

Thank you for your support - we look forward to another successful summer!

Board of Directors
Andover Recreation