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A-Patch Clinic Information


A-Patch Clinic Information 2018

JUNE 18 – JUNE 28

What is an A-Patch?  An A-Patch is given to a child who can swim one length of the pool and tread water for two minutes.  While wearing the A-Patch the child is allowed in the deep-end of the pool (5 feet area) including the diving well & slide.

Please Note – It is not a prerequisite to attend the A-Patch Clinic in order to pass the A-Patch test.  This clinic is designed to help those achieve this goal.

Objective:             To provide swimming instruction to those members who have children attempting to get their A-Patch.  The purpose of this class is to motivate and teach the children basic swimming instruction and to be able to swim one length of the pool and tread water for 2 minutes.

Reqs:                     Swimmer must be a member of the pool and able to stand in the shallow end of the pool (approx. 3 feet).

Cost:                      Free to pool members!

Classes:                There will be eight ½ hour classes, Monday through Thursday, for both weeks.  There will be a “bad weather” make-up day on Friday if a class has been canceled.  If a child tries for their A-Patch and succeeds, they have the option to finish the class or let someone else fill their spot.  (please be advised that some classes may change moderately depending on the instructor’s schedule)

Times:                   There will be 4 classes in the morning (2 at 10:00, 2 at 10:30), 2 classes in the afternoon (3:00 and 3:30), and 6 classes in the evening (1 at 6:30, 2 at 7:00,2 at 7:30, and at 8:00).

Instructors:           Coach Sue will be the instructor in the evening.  The other Instructors are life-long members of the swim team and come highly recommended by Coach Sue.  

There will be 12 classes of 5 children only.

The first 60 children who sign up will be assigned a class.  Any others will be put on a waiting list!

TO SIGN UP – Email Coach Sue Wenzlick at

When registering please give the following information:

name of child, age of child, PREFERRED TIME SLOT (1st, 2nd, & 3rd choices),

phone number and email address.  Coach Sue will confirm your registration.


The Clinic Instructors and Swim Team Coaches will be giving private swim lessons throughout the summer.  Lessons are for a ½ hour.  Please contact Coach Sue at and she will give more information about the instructors and phone number of who to contact OR you can meet with one of the instructors on-site to set up a time that fits your schedule.  

Cost of Swim Lessons

Private one-on-one - $15

2 swimmer class - $8 each

3 swimmer class - $6 each