Pavilion Reservations/Party Rules

Admission of guests should be limited to a reasonable number. When a member will be inviting guests to a party and the number of non-member guests in the party exceeds 15 (fifteen), the member must receive approval in advance from the Board of Directors (2wks notice needed).

FOR ALL PARTIES/PAVILION REQUESTS: (regardless of size)- a form must be completed, see attached or one can be obtained at the pool, detailing the request. The member must provide adequate ON-SITE supervision for all guests at all times. A non-member guest list must be provided at the front gate for all parties.

Members may reserve 1 picnic area at a time with the General Manager (or a Board Member) on a first come first serve basis. Limit 3 reservations max. Per membership per the season. Members are required to clean the area before leaving it.

Absolutely NO Community/Sports Parties, over the 15 non-member Max, will be allowed on Saturdays or Sundays in the Months of June and July.